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  •  Lipsofangel As 10/31/2018 | Two new victories on Dayton

    During yesterday's races at Dayton Raceway, won the 3-year-old LIPSOFANGEL AS (by Manofmanymission - Yankee Jeanie - Donerail) with four lengths - it was her 4th year victory. The 2nd victory to the stable was when 3-year-old SEND MY LOVE (by Muscle Hill - Anandamide - Conway Hall) won. She took her 6th victory for the year - 3 in a row. Elliott Deaton drove both the winners.

     Youlightupmyworld 10/23/2018 | New victory at Dayton Raceway

    The 3-year-old filly YOULIGHTUPMYWORLD (by Explosiver Matter -Highland Glider) won at Dayton Raceway for Elliott Deaton today. Kentuckiana Racing Stable Owner.

     Send My Love 10/22/2018 | New victory for Send My Love

    2nd straight victory for the 3-year-old filly SEND MY LOVE at Dayton Raceway. Elliott Deaton driver. We own the horse together with SRF Stable and Anette. $ 5,000 in prize money. Girly Cocktail 5th in the same race.

     Montepulciano 10/21/2018 | The Stables 140th victory this year.

    The 3-year-old MONTEPULCIANO (Cantab Hall - Italian Girl - In Dix Huit) won at Chester this afternoon for George Napolitano Jr. The win is worth $ 7,000. SRF Stable owns the horse. It was ACL Racing Stables 140th victory this year.

     Guardian Angel As 10/21/2018 | Won the attempt of Breeders Crown

    GUARDIAN ANGEL AS (by.Archangel - Provide As - Allstar Hall) won his attempt of Breeders Crown at Pocono Downs yesterday with 2 lengths of 1:52.3. Set as the 3rd horse before taking over the lead after half the race. Driver was Matt Kakaley. We own the horse together with Kjell Johansson.

     Communicator 10/19/2018 | Superior victory for Communicator

    During yesterday's evening races at Dayton Raceway, the nine-year-old COMMUNICATOR (by Tell All - Actress) took a superior victory by leading the race all around. Elliott Deaton held in the reins and it is Mario Cilitti who owns the gelding.

    Modern Rock As 10/16/2018 | Top year results for the Stable

    The 3-year-old pacer MODERN ROCK AS (by Pet Rock - Modesta Hall - Cambest) won last night at Yonkers for Jason Bartlett. It was ACL Racing Stables 137th victory this year and we have crossed $ 1.9 million earnings this year.

     Boffin 10/14/2018 | New victory for Boffin

    BOFFIN (by Donato Hanover - Trance Anthem) won at Yonkers Raceway yesterday for Yannick Gingras, 27,400 USD was the win worth. Unfortunately, GUARDIAN ANGEL AS broke in the first curve in his race. Boffin owns we together with Kjell Joansson and Anette Lorentsson.

      Black Mamba As 10/13/2018 | 2nd in Indiana Sires Stakes

    Our talented filly BLACK MAMBA AS (by Lionhunter - Happy Year) was 2nd in INDIANA SIRES STAKES for 3 Year Old Fillies - Super Final yesterday. She ended up as 6th horse from start but was fastest at the end and was only beaten with a throat of the winner at the same time - 1: 55.1. $ 50,000 in earnings. Todd Warren drove.

     Chasin´ Dreams 10/12/2018 | The 7th victory in the 13th start

    The 3-year-old CHASIN´ DREAMS won his 7th victory yesterday in the 13th start since we bought him together with Kjell Johansson in Harrisburgh for $ 35,000. He has doubled the amount of earned money. Jason Bartlett was holding in the reins. Time 1:56.2 on a dirty track at Yonkers. The win was worth 10,000 USD.

     New Plymouth 10/11/2018 | Nice results for ACL Racing Stable

    We passed $ 1.8 million in earnings this year when NEW PLYMOUTH (by Andover Hall - Podagros - Muscles Yankee) won yesterday at Chester for Tim Tetrick at the time of 1:55.3. SRF Stable owns the geldning.

     Lipsofangel As 10/10/2018 | Lipsofangel As is for sale

    The 3-year-old filly LIPSOFANGEL AS (by Manofmanymission - Yankee Jeanie - Donerail) won with two lengths at Dayton Raceway yesterday- time 1:56.4. Elliott Deaton drove. She's for sale! For more info call: (001) 859 988 9020 or email

     Send My Love 10/09/2018 | New victory for Send My Love

    The 3-year-old filly SEND MY LOVE (by Muscle Hill - Adelaide Hall - Conway Hall) won at Dayton Raceway yesterday. She had to race outside the leader almost the whole race but could still win. Driver Alliott Deaton. We own the horse together with Anette Lorentzon and SRF Stable.

     Homicide Hunter 10/07/2018 | World's fastest 4-year-old

    GUARDIAN ANGEL AS (by Archangel - Provide As - Allstar Hall) became the world's fastest 4-year-old at 1:49.2 as 2nd - during the racees at The Red Mile yesterday. Matt Kakaley driver. $ 36,250 in prize money. The picture: 4 Homicide Hunter won at the fastest time in the trotting history - 1:48.4.

     Black Mamba As 10/03/2018 | A new track record

    The 3-year-old BLACK MAMBA AS (by Lionhunter - Happy Year) won with four lengths at Dayton Raceway yesterday - on a new track record 1:55.0. Driver Elliott Deaton. The win was worth 5,000 USD.

     Andy Ray 09/28/2018 | The 130th victory

    ANDY RAY took the 130th victory of the year to the stable at Yonkers for Jason Bartlett. The victory was worth 11,500 USD, owns by Yinson Quezada. On Dayton, GUARDIAN ANGEL AS made a good run after hard pressure and took home the third prize worth 18,000 USD.

     1 Boffin 09/23/2018 | New victory for Boffin

    Today's 2nd victory came with 8-year-old Boffin who got a tough race, with big parts trotting outside the leader, but could still win the win at 1:53.4. George Napolitano Jr. driver. The win was worth 10 750 USD. We own the horse together with Anette and Kjell.

     Labadee As 09/23/2018 | New York Sire Stakes Victory

    In the Excelsior Series - Final for 2 year old Colts & Geldings at Saratoga had we 2 horses to start. LABADEE AS (by Conway Hall - Smith Hall) won with 3 lengths of 1:57.3 and LIGHTS COME ON became 3rd. Brian Sears drove Labadee, $ 27,500 to him, and Lights received 6,600 USD.

     Chasin' Dreams 09/21/2018 | New victory for Chasin' Dreams

    During yesterday's races at Yonkers Raceway, won CHASIN´ DREAMS (by Credit Winner - Bold Dreamer) for Brian Sears. The win was worth 10,000 USD. Our breeding THE LIONKING AS finished 3rd at the same racetrack.

     Feel Invincible As - stock photo 09/19/2018 | Two wins in Buckeye Stallion Series

    Two 2-year-olds to start in Delaware in the Buckeye Stallion Series, both won. The both winnings was taken from the lead and driver was Elliott Deaton. STATE OF MY HEAD AS won with 2 lengths at 1:57.3. FEEL INVINCIBLE AS won with 3 lengths at 1:58.0. We own the both horses together with Kjell Johansson, Sweden.

     Boffin 09/16/2018 | The stable's 9th victory this week

    The 8-year-old BOFFIN (by Donato Hanover - Trance Anthem) won at Freehold Raceway last afternoon. It was the stable's 9th victory this week. Driver was Jim Mahron Jr. We own the horse together with Anette Lorentzon and Kjell Johansson.

     Yankee Glide 09/15/2018 | Two Broodmares for sale

    Yankee Glide ends as a breeding stallion. We have 2 Broodmares for sale - pregnant with him. NURSE CONWAY (by Conway Hall) and GEISHA AS (by Striking Sahbra), whole sister with elitmare DELIGHT AS.

     Yonkers Raceway 09/15/2018 | Victory in the Excelsior Serie A

    We had 2 horses to start last night at Yonkers Raceway - both won in the Excelsior Serie A with $ 7,500 to the winner. The 2-year-old LABADEE AS (by Conway Hall - Smith Hall) as well the 2-year-old LIGHTS COME ON (Chapter Seven - Starlit Eyes). Both were run by Brian Sears. Lights Come On we own together with Anette and Ted Gewertz.

     Responsible trainer Anette Lorentzon 09/14/2018 | Good performance last night

    Several good performances by the horses last night. CHASIN´ DREAMS 2nd after a good finish at Yonkers Raceway. RUTHLESS CALL 2nd at Hoosier Park at the actual time 1:51.1. FIRSTCLASSALLTHWAY 3rd at The Red Mile. COMMUNICATOR 5th on Yonkers, stuck behind a tired horse.

     3 The Lionking As 09/14/2018 | 2 wins on Yonkers last night

    The 3-year-old THE LIONKING AS (by Lionhunter - Theres A Way) won from the lead for Jason Bartlett, the victory price was $ 6,500. SPARTAN took the 6th win of the year when he won with two lengths for Jordan Stratton. The win was worth 8,000 USD. We own the horse together with Anette and Fayette AB.

     Girly Cocktail 09/13/2018 | Girly Cocktail's 3rd victory

    The 3-year-old GIRLY COCKTAIL (by Muscle Hill - Slightly Tipsy) won his 3rd victory at the last 4th starts at Hoosier Park last night for Elliott Deaton at 1: 56.0. The win was worth 4,500 USD. SRF Stable owns the horse. LIPSOFANGEL AS (by Manofmanymission - Yankee Jeanie) 2nd (for sale) and BLACK MAMBA AS 5th in Sire Stakes final, 2 lengths after the winner.

     Surreal Art 09/13/2018 | New record for Surreal Art

    The 2 year-old little pacer SURREAL ART (by So Surreal - Atrcotic) was very good yesterday when he won at Harrah's Philadelphia with 2 lengths on time 1: 52.0 for Tim Tetrick. The win was worth $ 6,000. Ted Gewertz, both breeder and owner of the horse.

     Remind Me As 09/12/2018 | A winner for sale

    The 2-year-old REMIND ME AS (by Conway Hall - Onceinalifetime As - Muscle Hill) won last night at Hoosier Park with 1 length for Elliott Deaton. The win was worth 3 250 USD. Remind Me As has the record 1:58.3 and is for sale.

     Magritte 09/11/2018 | New victory for Magritte

    The 4-year-old pacer MAGRITTE won last night on a rainy Yonkers. Jordan Stratton kusk. Ted Gewertz breeder and owner. 13,000 USD in prize money. NEVERFORGETWHOUR 2nd hardly beaten in the Sire Stakes at The Red Mile.

     Youlightupmyworld 09/09/2018 | New victory at The Red Mile

    The 3-year-old filly YOULIGHTUPMYWORLD (by Explosive Matter - Highland Glider) won on a very dirty Red Mile last night for Elliott Deaton. She was at the last in the race but could speed down the others to victory. Kentuckiana Racing Stable owns.

     Montepulciano 09/08/2018 | Victory for Montepulciano

    The 3-year-old MONTEPULCIANO (by Cantab Hall - Italienne Girl - In Dix Huit) won last night at Chester for George Napolitano Jr. A good run in the back of the leader on a rainy track. The win was worth 7,000 USD. SRF Stable owns.

     Send My Love 09/07/2018 | 2 wins at Red Mile last night

    SEND MY LOVE and FIRSTCLASSALLTHWAY easily won their race, but the best performance of our horses answered 2-year-old STRIP IT DOWN AS for when she went outside the leader major parts of the race and became 2nd in Kentucky Sire Stakes. Elliott Deaton driver on all.

     Girly Cocktail 09/02/2018 | Second win for Girly Cocktail

    During yesterday's races at The Red Mile, triumphed the three-year-old GIRLY COCKTAIL (by Muscle Hill - Slightly Tipsy - Conway Hall) at 1:56.4. Elliott Deaton handled the reins and owns the horse does SRF Stable.

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