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  •  Eye OfA Tiger As 02/22/2019 | Tiger back at Yonkers as a winner

    EYE OFA TIGER AS (by Chapter Seven - Cascade AS) won easily from the lead for Jason Bartlett. $ 11,500 in prize money. Last start at Yonkers Raceway was the Finals victory in New York Sire Stakes for 3 year olds. We own the horse together with Kjell Johansson.

     Starlight As 02/19/2019 | Fourteenth year victory

    STARLIGHT AS (by Allstar Hall - Delight As) won today at Miami Valley Raceway for Elliott Deaton. Today's victory was worth $ 5,000 and he has now earned a total of $ 199,125. We own him together with Kjell Johansson.

     Ultimate Shopper 02/03/2019 | Second year victory for Ultimate Shopper

    ULTIMATE SHOPPER was able to take the lead in the race from the track 9 behind the car and then kept it in to the wire - last night at Miami Valley. The victory was worth $ 7,000 and she has now earned over $ 350,000. Driver was Elliott Deaton. We own Ultimate Shopper together with Anette Lorentzon and Kjell Johansson.

     River Otter 01/30/2019 | New win for River Otter

    Victory at Dover Downs for 4-year-old RIVER OTTER (by Mr Cantab - Cq Yankee - Muscles Yankee) last night - the lead all the way. Tim Tetrick driver and Yinson Quezada owner. The victory was worth $ 6,250.

     Neverforgetwhour 01/29/2019 | Eleventh victory this year for the stable

    NEVERFORGETWHOUR (by Always A Wirgin - Book Babe) back after resting with victory at Yonkers Raceway last night. The lead all the way for Dexter Dunn. USD 13,000 in prize money. Anette Lorentzon breeder and owner.

     Boffin 01/28/2019 | Two new victories last night

    Two horses to start at the Miami Valley Raceway last night and both won from the lead. VATANNA owned by Anna Lorenzon, and BUFFIN as we own together with Anette Lorentzon and Kjell Johansson. $ 3,000 respectively. $ 10,000 in prize money. Elliott Deaton driver on both the horses. Photo: Archive

     Eye ofA Tiger As 01/26/2019 | Back as a winner

    Our "Tiger" back in the US as a winner, after an outing to Sweden. EYE OFA TIGER AS won an easy victory at Freehold Raceway for Andy Miller this afternoon. We own him together with Kjell Johansson.

     Black Mamba As 01/25/2019 | A new victory last night

    The 4-year-old BLACK MAMBA AS by Lionhunter - Happy Year won from the lead last night at Yonkers Raceway. Driver was Jason Bartlett. 13,000 USD in prize money and Mamba approaching 2 million SEK earned.

     Perfect Stick 01/23/2019 | Two new victories yesterday

    PERFECT STICK easily won for Dexter Dunn at Yonkers Raceway. $ 8,750 to the owner Yinson Quesada. And at Miami Valley Raceway, COMMUNICATOR won with 1 length for Todd Warren. $ 5,000 to the owner Mario Cilitti.

     Worthyourattention 01/18/2019 | The lead all the way

    The 4-year-old mare WORTHYOURATTENTION by Conway Hall - Fashion As took the lead from the 8th track and kept it into the wire at Yonkers last night for Jason Bartlett. The victory was worth $ 8,000 for the owner and breeder Anna Lorentzon.

     Andy Ray 01/13/2019 | This year's third victory

    ANDY RAY (7 years) by Crazed - Crown N Lindy was very good in 2018 and he started in 2019 in the best way by winning the open trot on Yonkers last night with 1 length for Jason Bartlett. $ 22,000 in prize money. Yinson Quesada owns the horse.

     Ultimate Shopper 01/08/2019 | New victory at Miami Valley

    ULTIMATE SHOPPER (by Yankee Glide - Adelaide Hall - Conway Hall) won with 10 lengths this afternoon at Miami Valley Raceway for Elliott Deaton. The winning time was 1: 56.2 and $ 5,000 in prize money. We own the horse together with Kjell and Anette. Photo: Archive.

     Boffin 01/06/2019 | This year's first victory

    This year's first win to the stable took the 9-year-old BOFFIN (by Donato Hanover - Trance Anthem) at Miami Valley Raceway last night. Driver was Elliott Deaton. We own the horse together with Anette Lorentzon and Kjell Johansson. Photo: Archive

     Goardian Angel As 12/31/2018 | All time high

    ACL Racing Stable with responsible trainer Anette Lorentzon has had a good year in 2018 in North America - the best and most successful year to date. A total of USD 2,247,362 and a new record of 154 wins.
    Happy New Year!

     Anette Lorentzon as Santa 12/21/2018 | Christmas & New Year's Greetings

    We wish everyone a beautiful Christmas and a really Happy New Year!

     Three wins at Chester 12/15/2018 | Three wins at Chester

    During yesterday's races at Chester, the stable won three wins. 1st victory took WORTHYOURATTENTION by Conway Hall - Fashion As. The 2nd victory took THE LIONKING AS by Lionhunter - Theres A Way. The 3rd win took RIVER OTER by Mr Cantab - Cq Yankee. A good day at work.

     Infiniti As 12/08/2018 | New victory at Dayton

    Victory for INFINITI AS (by Infinitif - Yankee Jeanie - Donerail) at Dayton Raceway. From the lead he easily won at 1:55 for Elliott Deaton. The win was worth $ 4,250, a few hundred dollars to $ 200,000 in earned for him.

     Aperfectruby 12/07/2018 | Win 150 to the stable

    Victory number 150 to the stable this year was taken by the 3 year old APERFECTRUBY (by Credit Winner - ASixPakFromPerfect) on Chester today for George Napolitano Jr. The win is worth 8,000 USD. We own thr horse together with Kjell Johansson.

     Andy Ray 11/25/2018 | Nice results on Yonkers

    The 6-year-old ANDY RAY by Crazed was very good at victory on Yonkers today. Yinson Quezada owns. The win is worth $ 22,000. LION SAFARI AS by Lionhunter 2nd and APERFECTRUBY by Credit Winner 3rd.
    Another 2nd place later on Yonkers today with CHASIN´ DREAMS by Credit Winner worth 6,500 USD. Four to start 1 win 2 second places and a third place. Jason Bartlett driver on all.

     Guardian Angel As 11/13/2018 | New victory for Guardian Angel As

    GUARDIAN ANGEL AS (by Archangel - Provide As - Allstar Hall) won from the lead with 4 lengths at Dover Downs at 1:53.2 for Tim Tetrick. 12,500 USD in prize money today. He has now earned $ 500,000. We own him together with Kjell Johansson.

     Gobi Princess 11/07/2018 | Victory for Gobi Princess

    During yesterday's races on Hoosier Park, the 2-year-old filly GOBI PRINCESS (by Muscle Mass - Mrs D) took the lead from 9th track behind the car and kept it in to the wire and won by 1.5 length. Elliott Deaton drove and it is Knutsson Trotting who owns the horse.

     The Father Lionhunter 11/04/2018 | Two victories today on Yonkers

    The 3-year-old LION SAFARI AS (by Lionhunter - Savanah Dream) won at Yonkers Raceway this afternoon for Jason Bartlett with 4 lengths. We own him together with Anette. $ 10,600 was the victory worth. Today's 2nd victory at Yonkers when CHAPTER AND RUTH Chapter (by Chapter Seven - Housethatruthbuilt) won for Jason Bartlett. We own him together with Kjell Johansson.

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