Offspring born in 2017 - 2016

(Sorted by gender and in alphabetical order)

  • COLTS BORN IN 2017
    AMADEUS AS  by  Rockin Amadeus - Modesta Hall - Cambest.
    BANZAI AS  by  Lionhunter - Provide As - Allstar Hall.
    BONFIRE AS  by  Conway Hall - Oblige As - Scarlet Knight.
    CONQUEST AS  by  Conway Hall - Cordele As - Kadabra.
    FADE TO BLACK AS  by  Trixton - Shady As - Conway Hall.
    GROSSETO AS  by  Conway Hall - Follonica - Daguet Rapidby
    HUNTING AS  by  Lionhunter - Cantabit - Cantab Hall.
    LION GUARD AS  by  Lionhunter - Yankee Jeanie - Donerail.
    PERFECT SCORE AS  by  Yankee Glide - Perfect View As - Like A Prayer.
    SOME CHAPTER  by  Chapter Seven - Somekindaspecial - Cantab Hall.

    ALLEYESONME AS  by  Heston Blue Chip - Twincreeks Jewel - Dragon Again.
    CATWALK AS  by  Lionhunter - Cascade As - Mack Lobell.
    CIRCLE OF LIFE AS  by Lionhunter - New Circle As - Malabar Man.
    DESERT STORM AS  by  Stormin Normand - Savannah Dream.
    JUSTTHEWAYUARE AS  by  Explosive Matter - High Musclemass.
    KIRA AS  by  Lionhunter - Croquet Style - Yankee Glidby
    KISSES ON FIRE AS  by  Lionhunter - Wings On Fire - Prego Nilema.
    LIKENOBODYELSE AS  by  Yankee Glide - Fortunes Dream - Cantab Hall.
    NOTHINGTOFEAR AS  by  Whom Shall I Fear - Benediction Lindy - Angus Hall.
    PANTHERA AS  by  Lionhunter - Pandora As - Prego Nilema.
    RIZZOLI AS  by  Lionhunter - Rozzie As - Prego Nilema.
    SORAYA AS  by  Lionhunter - Mireille As - Prego Nilema.
    SWEET HEART AS  by  Conway Hall - Kayla As - Jailhouse Jessby
    TRIATHLON AS  by  Trixton - There´s A Way - Credit Winner.
    VITANI AS  by  Lionhunter - Karisma As - Mr Vic.

  • COLTS BORN IN 2016
    BATTLE BORN AS by Chapter Seven - Madeleine It - Daguet Rapidby
    CRAZYFORAREASON AS by Crazed - Always A Reason As - Allstar Hall.
    FIGHTFORFREEDOM AS by Yankee Glide - Mireille As - Prego Nilema.
    KICK THE DUST AS by Yankee Glide - Nurse Conway - Conway Hall.
    MUFASA AS by Lionhunter - Manteslajolie - Daguet Rapidby
    PUMBA AS by Lionhunter - Elegant Dame - Donerail.
    RAFIKI AS by Lionhunter - Adreamcomestrue As - Conway Hall.
    ROLLER COASTER AS by Explosive Matter - Croquet Style - Yankee Glidby
    STATE OF MY HEAD AS by Broadway Hall - Yankee Jeanie - Donerail.
    TIMON AS by Lionhunter - Pandora As - Prego Nilema.
    WASTED TIME AS by Yankee Glide - Rozzie As - Prego Nilema.
    ZAZU AS by Lionhunter - Marabou As - Chocolatier.
    LABADEE AS by Conway Hall - Smith Hall - Valley Victor.
    NO NAME by Yankee Glide - Fashion As - Drean Vacation.

    ARE YOU WITH ME AS by Stormin Normand - Provide As - Allstar Hall.
    BLOWN AWAY AS by Yankee Glide - Tropical Breeze - Striking Sahbra.
    CARRO AS by Conway Hall - Carolyn As - Striking Sahbra.
    CHEETAH AS by Lionhunter - Geisha As - Striking Sahbra.
    FEEL INVINCIBLE AS by Broadway Hall - Theres A Way - Credit Winner.
    LACROSSE AS by EL Titan - Cascade As - Mack Lobell.
    PLAY IT AGAIN AS by EL Titan - Fortune Again - Andover Hall.
    REMIND ME AS by Conway Hall - Onceinalifetime As - Muscle Hill.
    SARAFINA AS by Lionhunter - Delight As - Striking Sahbra.
    SOMEONE SPECIAL AS by Trixton - Fortunes Dream - Cantab Hall.
    STAND BY ME AS by Yankee Glide - Shady As - Conway Hall.
    STRIP IT DOWN AS by Archangel - High Musclemass - Muscle Mass.
    VILLEFRANCHE AS by Conway Hall - Merci IT - Daguet Rapidby